The OATUU Secretariat is based at its headquarters in Accra, Ghana, under the direction of the Secretary-General as the Chief Executive.

The Secretary-General is assisted by two Deputy Secretaries-General and a Treasurer-General. These leaders are elected by the OATUU Congress and hold office for a period of four years, after which they are eligible for reelection. The personnel of the Secretariat is recruited by the Secretary-General in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Sub-Regional Organisations

OATUU is keen on ensuring that its constituents benefit from the organisation. In order to provide a closer delivery of its services to its members, the organisation promoted the creation of the following sub-regional organisations. 

  • OTUWA - Organisation of Trade Unions of West Africa

  • SATUCC - Southern Africa Trade Union Coordination Council

  • OTUCA - Organisation of Trade Unions of Central Africa

  • UAMTU - Union of Arab Maghreb Trade Unions

  • EATUC - East African Trade Union Confederation

  • UTU AWSSS - Union of Trade Unions of African Workers of Sahel-Saharan States

Trade Secretariats

OATUU established some trade secretariats to assist the Secretariat in promoting the unity of African workers at the horizontal and vertical levels by propagating and inculcating OATUU policies and objectives at the grassroots.
These are:

  • All Africa Teachers’ Organisation (AATO) based in Accra, Ghana

  • Pan-African Federation of Mine Workers based in Algiers, Algeria

  • Pan -African Federation of Petroleum and Allied Workers (PAFPAW) based in Tripoli, Libya

  • Pan-African Federation of Agricultural Trade Unions (PAFATU) based in Cairo, Egypt

  • Pan-African Federation of Food Industries, Tobacco, Hotel and Allied Workers (PAFTHAW) based in Algiers, Algeria

Aims and Objectives

The main aims and objectives of OATUU are:

  • To achieve trade union unity both at the continental and national levels.

  • To coordinate the action of its affiliates through Africa.

  • To represent and defend the material and moral interest of African workers and trade unions in regional and international organisations.

  • To work towards the harmonisation of labour legislation and the principles of collective bargaining in Africa.

  • To protect and affirm the independence and identity of the African trade unions at all levels.

  • To promote, reinforce and defend trade union and other human rights.

  • To work for African unity and economic integration.

  • To contribute to the achievement and consolidation of peace in the world.

  • To defend the material and moral interest of migrant African workers in collaboration with trade union organisations of the host countries.

  • To give solidarity assistance to workers and trade union organisations.

  • To fight against imperialism, colonialism, racism, apartheid and their departments, as well as, against feudalism and any other forms of oppression and exploitation for the economic independence and the complete emancipation of Africans.

  • To work for social and economic justice, to protect health and safety at workplaces, to secure the education and training of Africans and to ensure the guarantee of full employment.




NZUNDA Titus Emmanuel Assi

NZUNDA Titus Emmanuel Assi

Deputy Secretary-General
UDEH Okechukwu Valentine

UDEH Okechukwu Valentine

Deputy Secretary-General
IBRAHIM Abrar Ibrahim

IBRAHIM Abrar Ibrahim

Treasurer General