2013 International Trade Union Forum (OATUU/ACFTU)

The 2013 International Forum on Economic Globalization and Trade Unions opened on 3 September in Beijing. ACFTU Chair Li Jianguo addressed the opening ceremony, stressing that all countries and the international community should be committed to equal opportunities and common development, create more cooperation opportunities and promote inclusive and balanced development so that workers can enjoy the benefits of development.
Li said that trade unions should stand up for the best interests of the working people, seek common ground while setting aside differences, strengthen coordination in the affairs of the international labour movement, develop practical cooperation, share information, enlarge the convergence of interests of all parties; strengthen unity, promote friendship, maintain close contacts and exchanges, and promote the sound development of the international labour movement.
Since the annual forum’s launch in 2004, it has been held nine times. Themed “Equal Opportunities, Common Development”, the current session has the attendance of union leaders from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe as well as representatives of international and regional trade union organizations.

Source: ACFTU  2013-09-03