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OATUU concludes virtual conference in solidarity with Palestine

In a display of international solidarity, the Organisation of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) has organised a virtual conference on 7th May, 2024, dedicated to expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine. This follows the untold suffering that has been inflicted on Palestine by the Zionist occupation since October 2023. The conference brought together a diverse set of voices, including the Palestinian High Commissioner to Ghana, Abdalfatah Ahmed Khalil Alsatarri, African trade union leaders, and representatives from international organizations such as HAK-IS, Memur-Sen, ICATU, ACFTU, FNPR and many others all united in their condemnation of the injustices perpetrated by the Israeli army.

The Palestinian High Commissioner, Abdalfatah Ahmed Khalil Alsatarri delivered a passionate address about the struggle of his people, highlighting how this aggression had cost the lives of many Palestinians and caused immense suffering for women and children especially. He also emphasized  the unwavering determination of Palestinians to resist oppression. The High Commissioner expressed appreciation for the show of solidarity and called on others to use their voices to denounce the atrocities being meted out by Israel. 

Central to the conference’s agenda was a call for immediate action. The Secretary-General of OATUU, Mr. Arezki Mezhoud emphasized the urgent need for a ceasefire. He also called for the provision of humanitarian aid to the besieged people of Gaza, and the lifting of the embargo that exacerbates their suffering. Additionally, he called on all participants to stand in solidarity with Palestine.