Algerian Ambassador to Accra pays courtesy visit to OATUU

The Algerian Ambassador to Accra, His Excellency, Mr. Youcef Delileche has paid a courtesy visit to the Organisation of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) Secretariat in Accra, Ghana. The visit took place on the 13th of October, 2021.

After a brief welcome by the Secretary-General, Mr. Arezki Mezhoud, His Excellency, Mr. Delileche was introduced to the staff of OATUU. This was followed by a presentation on the organisation.

Addressing the team, His Excellency commended the work of OATUU and declared Algeria’s continued support for the organisation. He also stressed on the importance of unity on the African continent, as he stated that development would only be stalled if countries focused solely on their national interests.

His Excellency also mentioned that the labour movement has played a huge role in the struggle for the liberation of the African people, as well as contributing to the edification of state institutions and the economy at large.

He added that Algeria is devoted to working on cooperation, peace, stability and prosperity in the region-indices which are key for the development of Africa.  

To conclude the visit, the Secretariat led by the Secretary-General presented His Excellency with a token of appreciation.