OATUU attending the Trade Union Federation of East Africa (TUFEA) Summit, 13-15 August 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya

The General Secretary of OATUU, Mr Arezki Mezhoud is attending the Trade Union Federation of East Africa (TUFEA) Summit, 13-15 August 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya.

This meeting is hosted by the Kenyan Trade Union Federation of Workers (COTU).

Fourteen trade union organizations from the sub-region and Africa took part in the activities of this summit.

Discussions began on the morning of 13 August in the presence of the Kenyan Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Mr Ukur Tamani, Secretary General of COTU, President of TUFEA and OATUU, Francis ATWOLI, Secretary General of TUFEA and President of the Sudan Trade Union Federation of Workers, Yousif Abdelkarim.

A series of relevant and up-to-date themes were on the agenda of this conference.

The participants will have three days to debate and exchange on the challenges and perspectives of the trade union movement in the sub-region and the whole African continent.

Addressing, the Secretary General of COTU Kenya, after welcoming the participants highlighted the importance of the trade union movement in Africa and its contribution to development. He considers that this type of meeting contributes to strengthening solidarity links between trade unions in the sub-region and the African continent, which will lead to positive impacts on development and general well-being, particularly for workers and members of their families

In his address at the opening of the Conference, the Secretary General of OATUU warmly congratulated the participants and assured them of OAUTU’s support for this action and for the workers and people of one of the most important sub-regions of Africa. He mentioned that “the future of African workers in general and those in East Africa in particular depends on the establishment of a climate of peace, security and stability which constitute the soil on which the future desired by Africans is built”. Thus, he added that “the strong democratic labor movement has a cardinal role to play in this perspective”.

Comrade Nzunda Titus EMMANUEL is also invited to present a paper on digital work and technology on the trade union movement. The meeting will be concluded by adopting a series of recommendations that will serve as a reference for East African trade unions.