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OATUU Commemorates IWD in Solidarity with Palestinian Women

In commemoration of International Women’s Day 2024, the Organisation of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) proudly dedicates this day to the resilient Palestinian women who are suffering under Zionist occupation in Gaza. OATUU reaffirms its unwavering support for their heroic struggle and hopes that the day will “serve as a landmark to strengthen solidarity and the struggle for the advancement of the status of women”.

While acknowledging the strides made in women’s rights, OATUU emphasizes the persistent challenges faced by women in Africa. Despite progress, women continue to encounter violence, discrimination, and disparities in education, healthcare, and employment opportunities. The adverse impact of global health crises and geopolitical tensions further exacerbates the living and working conditions of African women.

For more insight into the way forward, find the statement below.