The world is going through a worse health crisis today which is taking on a worrying scale. Almost the majority of countries are affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, but at different rates. The African continent is currently less affected compared to certain regions of the world. This does not mean that our continent is spared. Some African countries have announced that cases have already been reported in their countries. Apart from a general mobilization and the implementation of an effective strategy, this epidemic is likely to spread at high speed and turn into drama.

In addition to its harmful effects on the life and health of populations, this epidemic will have serious economic and social consequences.

Given the gravity of the situation and its implications for the lives of workers and their families, the Organization of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) recommends the participation of Trade Union organizations in the fight against this epidemic and the protection of workers’ rights.

In order to limit this dangerous phenomenon and limit its effects, the circumstances require the mobilization of necessary and sufficient resources to ensure equal access to care for all. It also calls for the establishment of adequate mechanisms and instruments to protect workers in the workplace and preserve their jobs.

The slowdown in international economic activity following the protective measures taken by States against the spread of COVID-19 will inevitably affect the economies of African countries.

In anticipation of these situations with serious health and social consequences, the OATUU calls on the trade union organizations to develop, within the framework of social dialogue, and at all levels, initiatives, in coordination with employers and governments in order to guarantee safety workers in the workplace and protect their jobs.

Through the mobilization, awareness and solidarity of all, we will succeed in controlling and overcoming this situation.