OATUU to hold its 42nd General Council 16th to 20th September, 2019 in Nairobie-Kenya

The Organisation of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) will hold its 42nd Session of the General Council with Two workshops on Gender and the ILO Centenary Declaration from 16th to 20th September, 2019 at The Stanley Hotel in Nairobi-Kenya.

On this year program, a Woman Workshop on Gender followed by a Workshop on the ILO Centennial Declaration are set to be conducted.

The General Council will be preceded by a number of pre-general council activities including OATUU Women Committee Workshop, to take place on 16th, ILO/ACTRAV Meeting 17th _18th, OATUU Executive Committee Meeting 19th and the General Council Meeting on 20th September, 2019.

The Meeting, mainly designed to tackle trade unions issues in order to solve them, is set to gather 73 affiliates coming from all the 54 African countries and OATUU friends/Partners around the World.