Trade union repression in Sudan

Mass unfair dismissal of workers

While workers around the world celebrated International Labour Day in various forms, the Water Company of Khartoum dismissed 298 workers on the same day without any reason. Among those dismissed, were five (5) trade union leaders. This decision, n°566, was authorized by the famous dismantling commission created by the Sovereignty Council in 2019. It is this same structure which took the decision to dissolve the Sudan Workers’ Union Federation (SWTUF) upon its establishment.  Since then, these authorities have been on a witch hunt.

According to our sources, the number of victims today exceeds five thousand (5000). Trade unionists and Sudanese workers are now subject to the politics of revenge by the transitional government of Sudan. Taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic, the latter is stepping up union repression by challenging international labour conventions, human rights and values for which the Sudanese people fought on December 17, 2018.

Trade unionists in Africa and around the world are called to support and stand in solidarity with the workers of Sudan who are facing a ferocious wave of repression and impoverishment that shows no sign of ending. The eve of the 109th session of the International Conference is here. It is an opportunity for trade unionists around the world to denounce the actions of the government of Sudan and to let our Sudanese comrades know that not only are they not alone, we are also on their side and justice will definitely prevail. Long live union solidarity!

This is the account of a widow who was sacked without being given any reason.