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War is not a solution: Solidarity with Nigerien workers

Amidst the turmoil following the military coup in Niger, The Organisation of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) firmly opposes unconstitutional power grabs, emphasising the importance of democracy, sovereignty, and the significance of dialogue for a peaceful resolution. The organisation also criticises the sanctions imposed by ECOWAS, fearing they might further destabilise the already fragile Sahel region.

OATUU underscores the need for peace, solidarity, and cooperation in a region plagued by violence and conflict. The organisation stresses that wars only serve external interests and calls for democracy to be nurtured by the people themselves.

OATUU urges dialogue over force, emphasizing Africa’s potential for good governance, human rights, and justice. It calls on ECOWAS to reconsider sanctions and appeals to the African Union and the international community to work for a peaceful resolution.

OATUU stands in solidarity with the Nigerien workforce and people, urging other African trade unions to do the same. In these challenging times, OATUU’s message is clear: peace and unity are the way forward.

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