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Algerian Ambassador to Ghana Visits OATUU Secretariat

The Algerian Ambassador to Ghana, His Excellency Ali Redjel, has paid a visit to the OATUU Secretariat in Accra, Ghana on the 17th of April, 2024. The visit was marked by warm exchanges and expressions of appreciation for Ambassador Redjel’s unwavering support and his pivotal role in fostering a strong relationship between the Secretariat and the Algerian government.

Led by Mr. Arezki Mezhoud, the executives of the OATUU expressed their sincere gratitude to Ambassador Redjel for his invaluable contributions to the organisation’s mission during his tenure. They commended his efforts in serving as a bridge between the Secretariat and the Algerian government, facilitating cooperation and collaboration for the advancement of workers’ rights and the promotion of OATUU’s initiatives.

As Ambassador Redjel’s term of office comes to an end, the executives bid him farewell, wishing him success and prosperity in his future endeavors upon his return to Algeria. They expressed hope that he would continue championing the cause of workers’ rights and advocating for the significant role of OATUU in Algeria, further strengthening the ties between the organisation and the Algerian community.

The visit served as a testament to the enduring partnership between Algeria and the OATUU, highlighting the shared commitment to advancing the rights and welfare of workers across the region.